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Hi GoGoers!

Thank you for opened this page. I am Gogoo the developer of gogoomoma website. In the real life, I am a Website Designer with middle low salary (only $500 a month). One of my hobbies is watching movies and K-Drama. I was born in a small village where have no cinema so everytime there are new movies in cinema my i can't watch it except download from movie site like Ga**l.

When i graduated, i have a dream to make my movie site and share my collection with all of you. You can streaming on site smoothly and you also can do download it. So, i build a movie site called Gogoomoma. Gogoomoma is a movie site (found on April 2018) that bring out new idea for free movie streaming website with not annoying ads. I prepare slot in the slider area, movie box, etc. But, onfortunately till today there aren't any ads coming to my site. To keep Gogoomoma live and update everyday, i need to spent about $50 from my pocket. It's been more than a year since Gogoomoma Live and i have spent more than $600 for keep it accessible.

If you think that Gogoomoma is useful and you enjoy watch and surfing in my site, i will be thankful if you can donate to help me to pay the operational cost. You can be a patron for Gogoo with click this link .

Gogoomoma website is only the first milestone of Gogoomoma. I have a dream to publish a chatbot in social media (LINE, Facebook Messanger, Telegram) to make you easier find movie (It will be released when i got $200 a month from patron). After the chatbot release, it will be start to Mobile Application that support Android and iOS with the best experience for watching movie.

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